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Fabio Borgia

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• Date: 13/01/2010 - 23/11/2010
• Schooling: Master Course in Fashion Design, DOMUS Academy of Milan, ITALY
• Qualification: Master degree (validated by University of Wales)

• Date: 11/05/2009 - 30/06/2009
• Schooling: high-standard specialization in New Entertainment Design, POLIdesign of Milan, Bovisa, ITALY
• Principal skills:
- theoretical-practical knowledge;
- creative and designing skills;
- critical and formative character on all aspects concerning planning: interior design, creation of environments, furniture,
use of new materials and colour, role of sound and lighting technologies, the evolution of the market and new trends,
further than ability to cooperate with companies of the design, furniture sectors, commissioning club owners and retailers.

• Date: 20/09/2007 - 24/02/2009
• Schooling: BA Fashion Design, POLITECNICO of Milan, Bovisa department, ITALY
• Qualification: Fashion Design degree (106/110)

• Date: 15/09/2000 - 04/07/2005
• Schooling: technical school for Surveyors PL NERVI in Novara
• Qualification: Surveyor diploma (80/100)

• Date: 09/09/1997 - 2002
• Schooling: Academy of music, Novara
• Studying:
- guitar, 5 years / clarinet, 1 years / practice solfeggio, 4 years / melody in choral music, 3 years.


• Date: 14/11/2011 - 12/05/2012
• Company name: SAFILO EYEWEAR SPA, Padova (PD), ITALY
• Kind of firm: italian eyewear producers for over 75 years, designing manufacturing and distributing high-quality prescription frames, sunglasses and sports eyewear under licensing agreements for leading luxury and premium brands as well as under its own brands
• Employment: product designer / creative developer
• Main responsabilities:
- follow all production chain along mood research to the final prototypes.

• Date: 26/04/2011 - 29/07/2011
• Company name: GENTUCCA BINI & FATHER SRL, Milan (MI), ITALY
• Kind of firm: italian premium fashion-apllied-to-design creative brand
• Employment: graphic coordinator;
• Main responsabilities:
- enhance the style level of projects, besides going on each graphical aspects also all that is related to creative research,
conception and design.

• Date: 11/11/2009 - 05/12/2009 (25DAYS project)
• Company name: GAS Grotto S.p.a, Chiuppano (VI), ITALY
• Kind of firm: leading italian premium apparel jeans fashion-brand
• Employment: choosen-one to be part of a creative team;
• Main responsabilities:
- activate parteciping collaboration with the jeans/fashion company GAS for the project 25DAYS, with a team of other nine
creative designers (23-32 yrs old) chosen to share and develop new attractive ideas and strategies from a first researching
step of case study to the last one of final graphic presentation and pubblication of the GAS book tracing the story of the
homonym company - lanch and display arranged during the Furiniture Week 2010 in Milan.

• Date: 12/11/2007 - 30/01/2008
• Agency name: A+A DESIGN STUDIO srl, Milan (MI), ITALY
• Major field of study: Trends research department aimed to production of tendency book and new stamps for innovative
accessories and interior furnishings for high-level fashion brands.
• Employment: Style department assistant;
• Main responsabilities:
- trace best ideas for pictures, lines and colours from the beginning of trends research to the final production;
- collaborate with main creative team;
- organize to prepare selected fabrics for book.

• Date: mid 2008 - ...
• Agency name: Marketing di Iveta Merlinova & C., SAS, Milan (MI), ITALY
• Major field of study: ideas, always with a very considerable professionalism and great initiatives, organizing and use the
best method to develop and personalize many innovative solutions for marketing
• Employment: Doct. Iveta Merlivova assistant;
• Main responsabilities:
- connect student's talent at practice;
- collaborate to improve the start idea to formulate the best business way ;
- organize the research, creation and production for final video-graphic presentations


• Date: 5/12/2010 - 12/12/2010
• QUESTA VITA SENZA REALTA': selected comix for the contest "ARTE CREATIVA SOCIALE", added to the final
expositive catalogue, spreaded by the Center of Voluntary Service of Novara ______________________________________________________________________________________________

• Date: 12th of April 2010
• GAS, 25DAYS project: lanch and display of a book that tracing the story of the homonym company arranged on the
Furiniture Week at Superstudio Più Zona Tortona in Milan

• Date: Septempber 2009
• Neonomad in EXCESS: outfit in response to requests for bids for Fashion Details Award Project and choosen by
Federazione Tessilivari to the next show for MODA IN - MILANO UNICA;

• Date: Febbruary 2009
• Shanghai Night and Day: outfit in jersey, reversible day-night/in-outdoor, chosen and produced by Azienda Newcocot,
under the brand name of Manifattura Legnano, and exhibitioned at Pitti Filati 2009

• Date: October 2008
• TAKE OFF and KIcK OFF: winner covers of artistic contest "Nella Nebbia fa esplodere la tua creatività !" issued by the
namesake monthly magazine about Art&Culture, and conseguent pubblication on n°10,
Febb '09, cover and relating article

• Date: 2008
• Semplicemente Vita: winner comic of cartoons contest "Vita Giovane", issued by artistic group Sciacallo Elettronico,
next involvement like Young Artist at Novara Comix Festival '08-'09-'10,


• Mother language: Italian - Other language: English - Reading: very good / Writing: very good / Speacking: very good

• Computer Skills:
- processing: office, Adobe, AutoCAD, Solid Edge;
- graphic: Photoshop, Illustrator ;
- mathematics: POV-Ray / - 3D-modelling Maya, thinkDESIGN / - model-making: Lectra programs

• Technical Skills:
- theoretical-practical knowledge and technical notions about model-making production;
- communicativeness qualities of freehand drawing, continuous dedication in graphic creations, frequent involvements in
cross-disciplinary in-depth courses

• Social Abilities:
- Adaptation ability to work in team and to exploit the abilities of all members of the group and inclination to share my own
ideas with others to plan the best method for project and to pursue the same final aim in a project in common, different
collaborations with: Azienda Fraizzoli&C. DIVISE (MI), 2006; Piquadro Design Office (BO), 2007; Sartoria Vico knitting
Team (Mi) nel 2008, Ricamificio V. Vanoni srl, Gallarate (VA), 2009; CIM Italia spa (LC), 2009

• Hobbies:

- Drawing ;
- Reading about Art and Architecture ;
- Graphic Styling;
- Comix and Sports

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Tipologia di clienti e brand seguiti:
SAFILO EYEWEAR SPA, Padova (PD), ITALY nel 2011-12;
GAS Grotto S.p.a, Chiuppano (VI), ITALY nel 2009;
CIM Italia spa (LC) nel 2009;
Ricamificio V. Vanoni srl, Gallarate (VA), 2009 ;
A+A DESIGN STUDIO srl, Milan (MI), ITALY nel 2008;
Sartoria Vico knitting Team (Mi) nel 2008 ;
Piquadro Design Office nel 2007 ;
Azienda Fraizzoli&C. DIVISE (Mi) nel 2006 ;

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