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Data : 03/07/2020

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We offer our opportunities to students or undergraduates who are looking for a curricular or extracurricular internship (don't worry if you already got your degree, have a look at our permanent positions!). An Accenture internship can be the beginning of your career in the technological innovation. 

You will unleash your potential within a team of professionals, acquiring new skills through training and learning from your senior work buddies.
  • You will implement and address digital services, such as portals and Apps, as part of the banking or insurance sector customer’s journey.
  • You will help create communication assets (Visual and Copy) and take part in Art Direction
  • You will assist the creation of integrated Digital Marketing campaigns working alongside the client team in strategy design and definition
  • You will support your colleagues in establishing and optimising Media Campaigns through monitoring and analysis of SEO-SEM requirements.
  • You will conduct analysis of data from the web world (social media traffic, landing pages, clicks and campaigns) to optimise the campaign results
  • You will develop skills in the presentation of projects carried out together with your team
The digital revolution has a heart that beats in Accenture. You'll learn how to design solutions that accelerate growth and generate value for our customers. You'll find out where ideas come from and where creative people unite to create unique solutions. 

Bring your passion into your daily business, like Enrico did, who began his professional adventure with an Accenture internship: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByscvtPILfz/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link #AccenturePeople
The experience lasts three to six months and may end with a direct hiring. We guarantee for you customised training sessions and a monthly refund

Why would we choose you for an Accenture internship? Because you’re passionate about new technologies and innovation and have the following abilities:
You are close to finishing a master’s degree in economics, marketing, engineering or communication.
You speak and write English easily
You value uniqueness
Every day is a new challenge for you and an opportunity to learn something new
We remind students they need to inform the relevant University office in order to activate a curricular intern role.


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Con oltre 500.000 dipendenti in oltre 120 paesi, Accenture risolve le sfide più impegnative per i propri clienti offrendo un'ampia gamma di servizi e soluzioni nelle aree Strategy, Consulting, Digital, Technology e Operations.



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