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Data : 03/07/2020

Provincia :Milano

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ProntoPro.it is Italy's largest local service marketplace, now expanding internationally. We help millions of customers to find a local service professional: we cover 400+ services, ranging from wedding photographers to plumbers to guitar teachers. Within a few years, we expect that booking a plumber or a painter online will be as effortless as buying a book. Today that's not the case, and we're out to change it. The opportunity is huge.

We are a fast-growing startup: 2 people in March 2015, now we are over 100. We strive to minimize bull*** and maximize impact: average age is 29, because often brain is more important than experience; we work in open space, because communication needs to happen quickly; everyone has very large responsibilities, because we don't have time to do any handholding (and we think it's counterproductive).

Investors include people from Google, Facebook, eBay, McKinsey, as well as the famous entrepreneurs behind Immobiliare.it. We have the growth-rate of a startup, but not the risk...

We are looking for people who want to help us build a service that everyone will use multiple times a year; a service that will make a difference in society. It's not an easy job.


You have a minimum of 5 years of applied experience in UX design
You are solution-oriented and data-driven. These qualities are used in your passion for solving customer problems.
You have a growth mindset and are constantly learning new things
You have a critical eye and are known for your attention to detail and pixel perfection (AND have a portfolio that shows this!)
You are able to run user tests and translate the output into lovable product and enjoyable user experiences
You master tools such as Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, etc.
You can work on a tight schedule to deliver high quality work
You are capable of rendering high fidelity layouts
You are able to lead multiple projects and tasks at a time
You are fluent in English - as well as a fantastic communicator
Your Role:

ProntoPro has an exceptionally ambitious goal and achieving this goal required significant product evolution. Despite our incredible growth, we are still missing THE perfect product-market fit. This is where you come in. Along with the rest of the team your personal goal will be to achieve this fit. Let's dive a bit deeper into what this means:
You will be responsible for a product that is used across all of ProntoPro's markets
You will conceive, design and prototype new UIs and UXs - all with the aim to continuously improve our product
You will run user test sessions and interviews
You will document solutions and participate in their implementation
You will maintain our design system
You will not be alone - in collaboration with product management, business intelligence and engineers you goal is to implement solutions
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