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Lone Design Club

Data : 29/10/2019

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Marketing, Events and PR Internship
LONE DESIGN CLUB is the go-to place to discover up & coming, curated, independent fashion and lifestyle brands across digital retail, supported by revolutionary experiential physical retail experiences. We inspire better living by offering the world's best independent brands that are empowered to share their products. LDC strongly believes in rebirthing and reinvigorating retail, bringing experience, newness, max impact to the high street through brand story-telling, immersive interactions and meaningful customer/designer relationships.
We are looking for a creative to assist in marketing, pr, events and social media content creation starting as soon as possible. This is a 4 month position starting as soon as possible. You will work closely with our Marketing and Social Media Manager based in London and our Milan Store Manager, and be responsible for:
Marketing Milan stores and events.
Building press, influencer and stylist relationships.
Managing in-store press, influencer and stylist appointments.
Creating content with designers for LDC's social media through photography, copywriting and translations.
Assist with running and marketing events.
Organising and managing official press partner, event partners, sponsors and alcohol sponsors for store and events.
As a fashion tech start-up you'll be working closely our London and Milan LDC Team in a fast-paced environment.
This position is an entry level internship, with expenses covered such as travel and food. You will be required to work freelance from both home, and our experiential Milan pop up concept store, and required to attend our evening store events at the store.

The internship will start off as a part-time position being available ... a week and then full-time when the Milan pop up stores are open. December from the 8th-23rd and February for two weeks across Milan Fashion Week. Our office will be closed for the holiday period from the 24th Dec - 2nd Jan.
This would be perfect for a very recent graduate looking to increase their experience and presence in the global fashion industry, working with independent designers, contribute to an exciting global fashion tech start-up. Experience working with press, industry leaders and events. Ideally the candidate will be a highly motivated people person who is organised, a networker, takes initiative, and a self-starter.
Required Skills:
- Has a strong eye for detail, creative and contemporary approach.
- Fluent in English and Italian.
- Strong organisation and pro-activeness.
- Strong communication and networking skills.
- Passion for retail and the changing environment.
- Highly motivated, driven and hungry to work for a small growing start up.
- Passionate about sustainability, conscious and transparent fashion.
- Creative skills including copywriting, social media management, photography and editing skills.
Desired Skills:
-MailChimp, but not a must.



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Nikki Chadwick


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Lone Design Club was founded in May 2018 as the result of emerging international fashion + lifestyle brands uniting with like-minded businesses in rising up, taking control and shaping the future of retail.

It started by creating short term concept stores appearing for 1-2 weeks at a time, first around London and then internationally, where designers are in-store telling you first-hand accounts of how the product was designed and made. Experiences and events followed, allowing designers an intimate outlet to tell their story and the audience a chance to interact with topics ranging from sustainable fashion to individual empowerment and entrepreneurship. Shortly after, Lone Design Club launched its online store, giving their community a new avenue to further relationships that is open 24/7. Both physical and digital platforms allow consumers to discover + shop from independent brands with traceable and mindful practices, selling exclusive and one of a kind items incomparable to that on the high street. To shop consciously, knowing the story behind every purchase.



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