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Data : 01/07/2020

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At Ferrero, you will discover an employer that truly cares for the interests of its people: as such, we are recognized as an employer of choice in 17 countries, Forbes RepTrak Worlds 26th Most Reputable Company, tendency 33rd Europe's Ideal 500 Employers and 54 Universums Worlds Most Attractive Employers.
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For our Plant in Alba, we are looking for a Sustainable Packaging Design Specialist.

The Sustainable Packaging Design Specialist is responsible to develop and approve primary packaging technical specifications for all Product Categories and all Ferrero Plants, with specific focus on product protection and sustainability drivers, such as recyclability and compostability, with related life cycle assessment (LCA). He/she must guarantee the packaging performance level to deliver product protection (shelf life), meet food safety (compliance & Ferrero’s policies) and machinability requirements, respecting cost objectives.

He/she is responsible to manage fast-tracked development plan on new materials and packaging solutions, from the OI Strategic R&D material proposals to the industrialization, with the aim of enhancing material performance and speed up their application deployment to contribute to achieve 2025 Ferrero’s packaging environmental sustainability commitment.

He/she is in charge of producing the support toolkit towards the improved sustainability of the new materials vs the existing ones and/or claims.

He/she is also responsible to identify, develop and protect (through ownable IP) material or technology innovation ideas that can deliver a competitive advantage for Ferrero.

Main tasks

Open Innovation Science interface and teamwork on the “Accelerated Packaging development plan”.
Project Development

Fast-tracked project development to design the new packaging materials in line with pre-defined objectives and the expectations of stakeholders, including:
Material characterization and test;
Product shelf life evaluation;
LCA assessment;
Recyclability/compostability assessment.

Project industrialization on an industrial scale ensuring results achievement in line with project scope and goals, carrying out packaging trials up to the materials homologation and documentation.

Actively drive and accelerate the execution of complex plans within Environmental Sustainability & Product Protection Stream:
Coordinating team of people on high complexity cross functional projects, with different internal and external stakeholders to the Ferrero’s organization, levering on people and project management skills.
Carrying out alignments with the resources in order to guarantee a development in line with the pre-established objectives and the expectations of the stakeholders.
Implementation of the Innovation strategy including business cases and packaging value chain structuring, from up-stream to downstream, meeting target costs.
Knowhow and IP protection
Identify, develop and protect material and technology innovation ideas that can deliver a competitive advantage to Ferrero.

Supplier portfolio development:
Develop a new supplier portfolio to deliver the new materials on an industrial scale;
Design and manage risk mitigation action plan to assure the business continuity of the new packaging supply chain (de-risking);
Interaction with machine suppliers to develop innovative packaging solution material-technology.
Build a robust internal and external network of experts and partners leading alignments with stakeholders.



Master Degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Packaging Engineering;
2-5 years experience in material science or packaging design;
Deep knowledge of all packaging material categories from the up-stream to the end use;
Project management skills and DOE;
Lab analytical methods and software, LCA, SAP preferred;
Strong business acumen;
Product management experience;
Self-driven and capable of dealing with a complex stakeholder scenario, from OI R&D to Production managers and Operators; excellent people management skills;
Good communication skills.

Language skills

Italian and English

IT skills

Excellent Excel, Powerpoint



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