It/ot Network & Communication Professional


Data : 29/06/2022

Provincia: Parma

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It/ot Network & Communication Professional 
Hybrid working

Barilla G. & R. Fratelli wants to recruit a Network & Communication Professional, within the Network & Communication unit based in Parma. The position will report to the Network & Communication Manager. 

Job Purpose

The role will contribute to the design of the network infrastructure and to the governance maintenance at global level, in line with the Company policy and manager’s directives. In particular he/she will ensure the efficiency and functionality of the Company’s network infrastructure and communication, through the identification of the systems’ requirements, the development and maintenance of the best solutions, the performance monitoring and the updating based on business requirements. 

Key Accountabilities 

- Ensure, in collaboration with the suppliers, that the systems for which the post-holder is responsible and the infrastructural services on which they rely, are reliable and correctly operative, through the management of the relevant technology in scope and the constant monitoring of performance - intervening in case of errors or problems - in line with the manager’s guidelines and company policies. 
- Propose, in relation to the needs of the business and technological trends, plans and programs for the development of the technological area relating to the systems managed; identify solutions/products on the market that can answer to specific needs; evaluate the possible implementation in Barilla environment and guarantee the execution of such projects, in terms of timing, security objectives, reliability and predefined costs. 
- Lead IT infrastructure projects, or stream of IT infrastructural projects. 
- Collaborate with other IT units to supply the necessary support for the choice and release of applications on the systems managed, carrying out tests and supplying evaluations on requirements and feasibility of proposed solutions, with reference to the user needs and guidelines assigned by the manager. 
- Monitor network performance and ensure the second level technological support by managing complex requests, identifying when to take corrective/recovery measures and managing maintenance by sub-contractors, in order to guarantee consistent functioning and the highest level of service, in line with the procedures and instructions supplied by the manager. 
- Ensure the security of the network through the access control, by implementing network security solution and rules, by monitoring the “Access Control” infrastructure and by providing standards and guidelines for secure design and implementation, with an additional focus on the Operational Technologies (OT) networking in the production plants and IT/OT secure integration. 
- Define network and service specifications together with internal and external clients, analyzing projects specifications, guaranteeing the access to specific users, protecting information, applying security rules and identifying adequate KPIs 
- Cooperate with the manager in the definition of the network and communication Global Governance, ensure autonomously the correct implementation of network architecture and solution in all Barilla Sites and support the monitoring of the compliance. 
- Define and implement secure network architectures also in the OT environment and IT/OT secure integration. 
- Promote a “security by design” approach internally, as well as external vendors and partners of Barilla. 
- Support plant technical area to comply with Corporate guidelines and industry best practices in OT networking design, protection, and maintenance. 


- University degree in Electronics Engineering/Information Technology/Computer Science 
- Minimum previous experience of 3 years with similar responsibilities in a structured company environment 
- Knowledge and understanding of network communication protocols and architectures 
- Networking Solutions design skills 
- Good technical background in industrial networking (manufacturing/processing/warehousing), IT/OT network integration and Industry 4.0. 
- Good knowledge of network technologies (LAN-WAN), in particular:
   most common industrial automation/networking frameworks and protocols 

   Routing and switching 

   WIFI infrastructure 

   Most common WAN protocols & architectures 

   Network security solutions like NGF, WAF, VPN, NAC, Radius-Tacacs, ISE, SIG. 

   Unified Communication -VoIP and Video Conferencing- 

   Most common Performance Monitoring and Network Management Tools 

- One of the following certifications is welcome: Cisco CCNA, CCNP 
- Excellent knowledge of English and Italian 
- Strong team-working attitude, problem solving and ability to work under pressure 
- Attitude to investigate and evaluate different solutions. 
- Availability to business trips (Italy and abroad) 

Key Relationships 

• IT – IT Security (on projects, overall security governance, architectures, security duties – daily). 
• IT – Plant Security (on projects, overall security governance, architectures, security duties – daily). 
• IT – Partners (on projects, architectures – daily). 
• IT – Infrastructure, Architecture & Security team (on projects, architectures – daily). 
• OT – Plant technical area, Technical Development (on projects, architectures, troubleshooting – daily). 

• IT vendors (mainly network & communication suppliers or system integrators, on solutions, architectures, tools, implementation – daily). 
• OT (*)/automation vendors (on solutions, architectures, tools, implementation, security by design – daily).
(*) OT = “Operational Technologies” (industrial automation systems and networks in plants/warehouses/mills). 


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