Digital Content Ops


Data : 24/11/2022

Provincia: Forlì-Cesena

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Technogym spa


Digital Content Ops

Supports the PO in the evolution of Technogym Digital products, ensuring consistency across the Technogym ecosystem. In particular, it focuses on operations activities related to the loading and distribution of content on the platforms

Key Role Responsibilities

Ideally, he/she is a person working in the Health and Fitness industry who has been responsible to apply digital content to increase the level of engagement of the overall customer journey and ultimately increase the overall profitability of the business. 

Supports the PO in compliance with the product plan and schedule related to product-related content;

Coordinates the transversal teams (PM, production, RM, editorial staff, Social, and Communication) in drafting the specifications and closing the points in charge of the delivery of materials.

It is responsible for the collection of materials and information for the definition of a content publishing schedule.

Coordinates localization and copywriting activities related to products (text and audio).
Supports content PMs in defining schedules, requesting plans, and developing and distributing platforms (app, web, social)

It supports the PO in the evolutionary activities of the CMS platform in the collection and definition of the requirements and in the grounding of the functionalities.

Use analysis tools to support PM and Product in the various choices of content and functionality (what to produce, when, trends, success stories)
Required personal & technical skills
Organisation and company procedures 
Knowledge of Digital and IT tools
Project management (methodologies and tools)
Product concept definition and management (mission, target user, CVPs, key functionalities, competitive analysis and positioning)
Knowledge of activities relating to product presentation, communication and launch (product release, presentation to customers, sales rep training)
Market analysis skills (trends, product penetration, competitors, geographical mapping etc.)
Market research techniques (focus groups, questionnaires, interviews)
Knowledge of fitness, performance, health and product use
Technogym style, belonging to the brand
Wellness life style
Transparency, intellectual openness and team work
Focus on results and accountability, striving for excellence
Having charisma and ability to influence others, make the difference
Having a sense of initiative and energy/proactivity
Having vision and the ability to be innovative: being a change agent
Execution: make things happen
Curiosity, listening skills, humility and passion
Commitment, dedication and availability
Speed of thought and creativity
Role related Understanding of Cyber risk, information security & Cyber security topics
Content management (ABILITY TO GENERATE NEWS + writing skills)
EEO Statement

Technogym is an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applications from all members of society irrespective of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief.
Discover your potential with a career at Technogym, where work means loving what you do, taking on challenges, learning from others, sharing a vision and making it come true!



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